The world is scary.  I don’t know how to fix a single thing.  But I know that kindness begets kindness.  And it all starts from there.  

Her name is Ashley.  She stopped me because she liked my dog.  She reached out her hand to mine, introduced herself, and told me she was my neighbor.  She pet my dog, and she even took a photo of him.  She asked me if she could put him on Instagram.  And my dog was so happy to have found a new friend.  His entire 140 lb body wiggled with delight.  Her kindness took me aback.  And later, brought tears to my eyes.  Real tears.  Because it’s not every day that I meet someone so completely open, so completely kind– for absolutely no reason at all.  

 My dog walks the world wanting only one thing: to be pet.  She pet him, she shook my hand.  She told me her name.  It truly stunned me.  I wasn’t expecting it, but there it was.  It’s everywhere, of course, but it was placed in my hand when I needed it most.  I won’t forget it.  Because it all starts from there.  


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