That quote comes to mind, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

I wonder what’s wrong with me that those lessons don’t stick.

I wonder why time and again I have looked away from the writing on the wall and choose something gentler, something kinder.  Something less brutal.  Something with softer edges and a warmer heart.

But. It would appear that the universe is *desperately* trying to show me the truth.  Every part of my life is conspiring to help me learn the lesson of what has happened, and of what is happening.

Stories of his trips and infidelity landing in my lap while I say I pity him, photos of his joy in these past two months while I was mining the depths of my heart to give a gift to his parents (who have treated me unforgiveably).

And I think back to the two days before he finally told me the truth, when my soul spoke to my heart and said “he’s not your friend” on repeat until I heard it and believed it.

But my heart has softened, trying  so very hard not to believe what I’ve seen and heard.

So, I am writing it– so I will not forget it.

He’s not my friend.

The lesson will take time.  But here it is, written in black in white.

Learning takes time.  Learn the lesson.  When someone shows you who they are, believe them.

Believe them.


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